Twitter Followers – Lifeline of Your Twitter Account

Twitter is the new name in the list of social networking sites. It has become much popular from its inception. Many famous celebrities and business giants are using this site to interact with the people. Its special feature called tweet is a small message of one forty characters is used to interact with fans and local media. Twitter is among the top ten visited sites and its popularity is increasing further. It is also counted as one of the first micro blogging site.

How to Market Your Brand on Twitter?

Knowing the ways on how to market your brand using Twitter will help leverage power. The most obvious way of using Twitter is building your brand awareness by means of tweeting a lot of messages; you may get the logo of your company, the color and the name of your company out there for more people to notice. The second way to use Twitter is to market direct to the consumer. You can Tweet out messaged on many specials, promos, announcements and anything that will be encouraging people to visit your business, in order to reach and contact you through email, phone or visit your website, whatever it is to be able to pull them in, attracting attention so that they will be able to start to interact with your business.